Elimination of Off-Street Parking requirements could snarl Oakmont’s streets and slow traffic to a crawl.

Arm yourself with information about this critical topic that threatens our Oakmont way of life. Please attend the Borough Council Meeting (where the proposed ordinance will be both introduced and voted on!) on Monday March 20th, 7:00 pm at the Borough Building located at 767 5th St. Oakmont, PA 15139.


YELLOW – denotes the Commercial District

RED – denotes area of impact with the removal of off-street parking requirements.

If you reside or have a business on 6th Street or below, this new ordinance could impact you!

Did you know...

  • There are apartments above nearly all businesses on the upper and some on the lower boulevard. These residents are already fighting to find nearby parking.
  • The proposed parking ordinance dictates that suitable parking can be identified as far as 100 yards away from business property lines. With the geographic confines of the commercial district, it’s inevitable that designated parking areas will overlap and get counted 2 and 3 times. When the parking spots in the commercial district are taken, this will push motorists into the residential neighborhoods looking for parking.
  • If this ordinance passes, there is nothing to stop current parking lot owners from carving out pieces of their existing parking lots for redevelopment. In the commercial district, this means up to 4-story buildings and the related congestion those additional occupants bring.

* Site updated daily – check back often, tell your friends and neighbors. This impacts all of us.*